Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pics: Worst Skate Spots Ever

Throughout all my personal experience as an skateboarder, I have seen lots of horrible skateboarding spots. Anyway, the ones that you are about to presence go beyond the limits, getting into useless boxes that look incredible bad, and don't work at all. Though these ramps don't provide their function propperly, they have won a space on RideTime! as the worst skateboarding spots ever. Take a look and make your own opinion.

quite perfect for boardslides? come on guys, what is this? looks like a funbox ramp stair set. Weird.

A masterpiece of skateboarding engineering, designed for anti-gravitational routines
Prepared for a bail? No way dude, this is the best transfer I've ever seen!
No words, anyway it is quite rideable.


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