Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nike Skateboarding: Welcome to Brazil

The expected arrival of Nike Sb team: Paul Rodriguez, Ishod Wair, Daryl Angel and Donovon Piscopo, Brazil was hosted by Luan Oliveira along with team rode through the streets of Sao Paulo and get a couple of demos at the different public skateparks, full of kids expectant to the tricks that the Nike guys could land, check the video and live it up, welcome to Brazil!

The whole team has been going around the skateplazas around the city, where Luan, local and former brazilian skateboarder has demonstrated his brand new deal with the world-famous company. Focus on that swich bigspin hellflip, pure Latin American style on wheels!

In terms of expansion of the brand, It must be stated that Nike Sb is really doing a big effort giving the chance to Southamerican country to enjoy their products as well as to recieve the many benefits that deals like this one can provide to local skateboarding development. Nike Sb, as one of the biggest skateboarding brands in porfitable terms, may help local skating growing fastly and it will definitely support activities related to the sport, such as contests and local proyects. By now, check the footage and enjoy.


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