Monday, October 8, 2012

Torey Pudwill: Back on the Business

After being out for a while, Torey decided to rejoin the legendary company for a three-years endorsement, deal that support the brand on these more than competitive times. In economic terms, this commitment provides the chance to dealers, retailers and even teammate athletes to get better incomes, having in mind that Pudwill is know a worldwide famous figure. T-Pudds, recognized for several skate magazines as the skater of the year, is now back on his former shoes company, the one that sponsored him for more that 10 years. Torey is pure energy, and maybe one of the most charismatic skaters out there. This fact that was definitely proved through the development of this year's Street leage, where not only competed as rider but also as a host, interviewing and jocking with the pros.

More than a profitable deal, as the very same Pudwill announced, this is more like a back to the roots and way to stabilize the company as well as his own carrer. According to Torey “I’m happy to be a part of a company I grew up skating for. It’s my roots, and now I’m motivated and dedicated to skate harder than ever !” In relation to that, there's only one we thing to ask about, it is possible to skate harder than he is doing now? It seems that the miracle boy of skateboarding is decided to take it to the limits once again.

The list his recent accomplishments  includes: 1st Place Tampa Pro 2012, Street Skater of the Year, TransWorld Skateboarding 2011, 1st Place – Tampa Pro, Best Trick – 2011, 3rd Place – Tampa Pro – 2011, 5th Place – Street League, Seattle – 2011. As we can already see, Torey is an active skater that still has a lot do in the business and at the sport progession as well. Go Pudds!

Check out one his best deliveries at the worlwide famous "The Berrics" Battle Commander.


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