Saturday, April 28, 2012

Forum, SP, Foursquare: VACATION!

Just get a beer and put on light clothes on you, you better do it now, because we are already on VACATION. Forum, SpecialBlend Foursquare have already done the post-edition and now we have the option to enjoy how the Vacation crew shred everything that the find. After the expensives productions that have been made throughout the pass years, suchs as Brainfarm "The art of Flight"or the already clasic "That's it, That's all", the Vacation team have decided to get a little time off, less production, less helicopters but more and more crazy tricks and mindblowing jibbing sessions around the city.

The Full-lenght version it's about to be released on I tunes during autumn, but meanwhile you can enjoy the different parts separately  Pat Moore, Jake Welch, Andreas Wiig, Nic Sauv√©, Stevie Bell and John Jackson, as well as the Youngbloods: Daniel Elk, Cameron Pierce, Niko Cioffi, Austen Sweetin y Alek Oestreng will show you how to shred outdoor mountain spots,city buildings and rails as tight as hell.

The Vacations are on! get your jacket, boots and googles, but don't forget the sunblock! unless you want a one-year tann as Stevie bell's one! Keep it simple, and stay cool, just as the SP, Foursquare anf Forum crew did.


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