Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sole Technology: a positive impact on young culture

If there is something cooler than skating, definetly taking care of our planet and nature would be the activity. This is what Sole Technology CO has been doing around the latest years and it has become into one of the most popular industries around the extreme sport market. Etnies, Emerica and Altamont are part of this enourmous enterprise, brands that definitely rule the skateboarding scene and represent what the skateboading culture really means.

The Sole Technology Co's ideal is to provide an excelent quality through the care if nature, thats the essence. It's founder,Pierre-Andre Senizguerge, is completely commited to this idea. Respect nature and support the skateboarding scene is the new outlook that this generation is raising, activity that demonstrate how clear-headed the skating community could be.


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