Sunday, April 22, 2012

Travis Rice: The King of Supernatural Red Bull Contest

The king of snowboarding go-high style Travis Rice did it again and at the same time made history on the snowboarding competitions timeline. Nothing new for Travis, the one who seems relaxed with the ground breaking routine he reached throughout the competition. As we already know, Red Bull Supernatural contest is made up by different snowboarding diciplines, including backcountry, slopestyle and a unbelieve big air, being shredded by the hottest riders on the scene. The origin of the competion was an idea that was presented five years ago, by the very same winner, and today it establishes a innovative and overwhelming outlook to the current snowboarding contests and the ones come up.

Including the participation of well-known riders such as Scotty Lago, Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller and John Jackson, the Red Bull Supernatural is the challenge to overcome, stating the qualities that an overall profesional riders must have. Lots of powder, lots bails and lots of breathless stunts are part of this brand new competition, the one that for sure will blow your mind, even if you are not into the sport.


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