Friday, October 26, 2012

Dew Tour Street Style: Highlights

Pretty high kickflip at the first spot of the whole course.

If there's any word to describe the whole competition, this word would definitely be "garnly". So long and so far, the Dew Tour real street competition, held at the Keegan Sauder's backyard at San Francisco, has been the most strict and fastest street course. The lap starts with small and almost broken kicker, but taking into account the high speed of the park, the riders were popped up into the air, and fastly launched to the hard pavement.

David Gravette grinding a big five-o at the truck gap

Another awesome spot at the couse was the big rail section. Although some riders skiped the section, the most braves ones, such as Gravette and Schekler, shredded the rail whit tigh tricks, including David's five-o and Sheck's back lipslide. It's important to highlight the speed that skaters got while ridding, based on the fact that the whole park was located at a downhill concrete street.

If you want to check at whole street course, check out the video with the highlights of the competition at San Francisco.



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