Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eric Koston: Mr.Control it all!

Nike SB is playing big! After signed up one the most popular and technical skateboarding teams ever, the company has turn into the most popular brand at the time. Not only because its legendary history, but also because they are really helping out the scene as well as people who take up skateboarding for their very first time, especially kids. Some may say that Nike Sb is all about money, I'd say they are right but at the same time they are doing a great job supporting the sport

By now, check the latest Koston's material for Nike SB, with Justin Brock and Sean Malto as special guests.

Amazing spots right, keep in tune for more and more Eric Koston's crazyness!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Craig Kelly, more than a legend

The American Craig Kelly was killed on Monday during an avalanche in Revelstoke Glacier in the Canadian Rockies. Despite extensive knowledge, could not prevent an avalancheended his life and eight others.

The group of snowboarders and skiers flew by helicopter to an area of ​​the Rocky Mountains, and there even though according to theCanadian Avalanche Center avalanche risk was medium, the sliding of snow led to the fateful end

Craig Kelly, has been a leader in snowboarding. Pioneer, a master ,missing adjectives to describe Craig's contribution to the world of snowboarding. In the early 80's, when snowboarding was born as a sport'alternative', Kelly formed together with a group of friends group Mount Baker Hard Core (MBHC). Enjoyed a career intense. Won four world championships and three U.S. freestyle, which led him to become the first professional snowboard racer with sponsors linked to that continued until his death.

In the words of Terje Haakonsen, Kelly had been a reference for him,not only for their way down, but by his love for the mountains andlifestyle.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nyjah did it again!

A couple of days ago, especifically on May 19th,  ended the Street Skateboarding League held in Kansas City. The fans witnessed some of the best skaters in the world, who fought for the first prize worth $ 150,000, one of the biggest prices on money in what relates to skateboarding competitions. The Street League is just a new style of skating championship, which is now supported by the most powerful enterprises on the bussines (such as DC shoes company and Monster energy drink).

At the end Nyjah Huston, clear finalist, won the competition if ironingan impressive Kick Flip Backside Nose Blunt Slide nailed to the railsection of large, punctuated with a 9.1, repeating the same result of last year.

The final results were: 1 Nyjah Huston, Bastien Salabanzi 2 º, 3 ºChaz Ortiz, Paul Rodriguez 4 º, 5 º Chris Cole, Ryan Allen Sheckler6 th, 7, Sean Malto, Mikey Taylor 8 th.

You better check out this quick clip and get rad! these guys are just killing it!.For more infovisit the website of Street League.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Skater of the day: Bam Margera

Known for his crazy and noisy lifestyle, Bam "The Bam" Margera has been chosen as the skater of today!

Bam, although he's first name is Brandom Cole, is maybe one of the most notorious skaters, not only for his improvements to skateboarding as a sport, but also as a television image and the representative for young generation. As it is well known by the audience, Margera also is considered, as well as Dyrdeck, one of the most charismatic riders out there, and maybe this is because he has received thousand of prizes, as well as the public recognition. hate it or love it, Margera has develop a successful career, which includes being part of the CKY stunt team, and also of the worldwide recognized extreme and silly stunts tv show, JACKASS.

Being MTV the place that has given popularity to this rider, Bam is also grateful of his sponsors, such as ELEMENT SKATEBOARD, the one that have represented him since hi was a young boy. Bam is known also for his passion to rock music, in fact his love for the metal band HIM is front of our eyes, noticeable on the several tattoos on his body. Moreover, Bam has also been part of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater videogame saga, the most popular skateboarding video game of all history. Rock music is a very important part of his life, fact that can be proved through his own recording label. Among his other sponsors, Volcom, Destructo and Electric, provide what a cool skater as Margera needs.

Hate it or love it, Bam has contributed a lot to the skateboarding scene, and he has definitely has established a pattern on what a crazy young and wild skater represents. In the meanwhile, let's keep on checking about Bam on in own 411vm profile on the 61 issue:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paul Rodrigez: Nike SB V

The new P Rod's signature pair of shoes have been already put into the market, and skaters from all around the globe are commited to test them. Nike SB now is tottaly introduced to the skateboarding scene as well as the industry, the one that remarks especially for it's closeness to the buyers. Throughout the time a lot of skaters has join to the company, including Eric Koston (former éS rider) and Stefan Janosky. Now Rodriguez presents us his own designed shoes, which ones allows skaters to feel confortable and secure, providing a feeling of closeness to the board as well to the grip.

Including the Lunarlon Nike technology, inspired on the space travels and astronaut's dress ups, the Pauls Rodriguez signature model mix up revolutionary designs with functionality and an awesome perfomance. As it common on Nike footwear, the use of the latest and more advance technology is primary at the moment of establishing the patterns of construction and assembly. Although Nike shoes have been considered as one of the most expensive brands around the scene, and in fact they are, the pleasure of ridding one of this shoes is a feeling that you can't describe through written language. If you have the chance to get a pair of these don't een think on having seconds thoughts, and try them on right away!

Check out the P. Rod's commercial, and decide yourself:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ryan Sheckler: "The Sheckler Foundation"

The little blond kid who used to win competition to competition and quickly turn into a pro, now
is focused on a original campaing which mainly deals with the improvements that skateboarding 
could provide to different kids around the planet.

Sheckler, aslo known as "Scheks", who is now 22 years old is not only one of the most famous
skateboarders on the current, but also he is very commited to the sorroundings of the sports, this is
why he founded the Sheckler Foundation. This organization, created on 2008 by the very same ex 
reality show star and his family, is mainly focused on getting money in order to help riders that
have suffered from paralizing accidents as well as serious dammages. Among the events that the
fundation organizes is the "Skate for a cause" competition, which one basically fundraise money
for charity and riders on rehab.

This year, Ryan and his crew already carry on the "skate for a cause" competition, and the results
have been more positive than they hoped. On this event the amount of money that was raised is about $87,000, profits that are destinated for charities such as the A.skate Foundation. We all know that Ryan is
not the common skater, and sometimes he has been qualified as a boomer, but we don't have to forget our roots, as Shecks did. Helped by his own sponsors (Red Bull, Etnies and Volcom) actions like these are possible, and demonstrate at the same time how real the extreme sports industry really is.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Asian X Games Madness

From April 28th to May 1th, another extreme sports encounter took place on the old continent, and as it has happened on its previous editions, a variety of extreme sport riders have joined together to demonstrate who is the best and who derserves to take glory back home. The event has been supported by KIA, and this sixth edition has been marked for the participation of riders from all around the globe. Establishing a previous stage for the American version, the main goal of the KIA Asian X Games is to select the elite of the scene according to the different diciplines, such as skateboarding, BMX, In-line Skateboarding and Moto X. The X Games, also known as the extreme sport olympics, has been growing throughout the years and it seems that it is acquiring more seriousness from part of the fans, turning it into a world wide competition.

Within the categories, the Mini Mega Ramp (the American reducted version), has provided one of the most exciting experiences, throwing up to the air riders such as Andy Mcdonald and Bob Burnquist. But the most amazing trick was performed by the new revelation of the sport, Tom Schaar, a 12 years old kid, who has broken the skaboarding history, and performed a perfect 1080º on competion, trick that gave him the first place in no time.

The X Games have made history again, and it will definitely do it again the next summer, when the American version begins!

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