Friday, May 18, 2012

Skater of the day: Bam Margera

Known for his crazy and noisy lifestyle, Bam "The Bam" Margera has been chosen as the skater of today!

Bam, although he's first name is Brandom Cole, is maybe one of the most notorious skaters, not only for his improvements to skateboarding as a sport, but also as a television image and the representative for young generation. As it is well known by the audience, Margera also is considered, as well as Dyrdeck, one of the most charismatic riders out there, and maybe this is because he has received thousand of prizes, as well as the public recognition. hate it or love it, Margera has develop a successful career, which includes being part of the CKY stunt team, and also of the worldwide recognized extreme and silly stunts tv show, JACKASS.

Being MTV the place that has given popularity to this rider, Bam is also grateful of his sponsors, such as ELEMENT SKATEBOARD, the one that have represented him since hi was a young boy. Bam is known also for his passion to rock music, in fact his love for the metal band HIM is front of our eyes, noticeable on the several tattoos on his body. Moreover, Bam has also been part of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater videogame saga, the most popular skateboarding video game of all history. Rock music is a very important part of his life, fact that can be proved through his own recording label. Among his other sponsors, Volcom, Destructo and Electric, provide what a cool skater as Margera needs.

Hate it or love it, Bam has contributed a lot to the skateboarding scene, and he has definitely has established a pattern on what a crazy young and wild skater represents. In the meanwhile, let's keep on checking about Bam on in own 411vm profile on the 61 issue:


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