Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ryan Sheckler: "The Sheckler Foundation"

The little blond kid who used to win competition to competition and quickly turn into a pro, now
is focused on a original campaing which mainly deals with the improvements that skateboarding 
could provide to different kids around the planet.

Sheckler, aslo known as "Scheks", who is now 22 years old is not only one of the most famous
skateboarders on the current, but also he is very commited to the sorroundings of the sports, this is
why he founded the Sheckler Foundation. This organization, created on 2008 by the very same ex 
reality show star and his family, is mainly focused on getting money in order to help riders that
have suffered from paralizing accidents as well as serious dammages. Among the events that the
fundation organizes is the "Skate for a cause" competition, which one basically fundraise money
for charity and riders on rehab.

This year, Ryan and his crew already carry on the "skate for a cause" competition, and the results
have been more positive than they hoped. On this event the amount of money that was raised is about $87,000, profits that are destinated for charities such as the A.skate Foundation. We all know that Ryan is
not the common skater, and sometimes he has been qualified as a boomer, but we don't have to forget our roots, as Shecks did. Helped by his own sponsors (Red Bull, Etnies and Volcom) actions like these are possible, and demonstrate at the same time how real the extreme sports industry really is.


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