Friday, June 29, 2012

X GAMES: things got already real!

A new version of the X Games is taking place at Los Angeles, California, and finally this year we can enjoy every single minute of the worldwide extreme sports olimpics. The organization has provided a livestream podcast, which one is available in every part of the globe, and entirely for free!

Yesterday we got the chance to enjoy the skateboarding mega ramp semi final, which was finally won by the living legend Bob Burnquist. The amount of new competitors that have joined this X Games edition is amazing, but the fact that they are just a bunch of kids that do not the 15 years, has blown the judges minds.

By now, enjoy the cast!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pic of the Day: Danny Way

This pic is more than a classic. I remember the good old days when day used to skate and break records as part of his daily routine.

This time we find him jumping "The Great Wall", and he even make it look easy!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pic of the Day: Gravette's Backflip

Yeah, we are kind of used to see snowboarding backflips, indeed they are not difficult at all... but a backlip on a skateboard? Gravette made it real, and with a style that make it look as if he were part of the olimpic team. Grnarly!

 Just awesome.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Street gets Real!

The 2012 Los Angeles X Games "Real Street" promotional videos of all the riders are already in the air and here in RideTimes!, we have some of them here for you to check and be part of the jury.16 skaters, 16 videos are the ones in competition, in the meanwhile enjoy two of my choices to win, Aaron Homoki, this young and gnarly guy who is breaking any limits when it is related with big gaps. And by the other side, Chris Haslam, one of the most innovative riders out there, with a level of creativity that blows anyones minds!

Check out the table and vote for your favorite!

Aaron Homoki's video:

And Chris Haslam's!

Vote here now!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nyjah Huston Won The Street League Second Stop! Unstoppable!

Nyjah Huston was once again in victory at the second stop of the Street League 2012 which took place in Ontario, California. As he did at the first stop (Kansas City) Nyjah lend the best tricks (one such was a Kick Flip Backside caballerial Lipslide in the Best Trick) to take home $ 150,000.

Second and third place were Chaz Ortiz and Sean Malto who fought very hard in the championship game but were unable to perform Nyjah's tricks, which seems to be unstoppable in terms of championships are concerned.

Check out the official ST website, and stay tuned with every single detail.
For more information about the 2012 Street League, keep on visiting RideTimes! your favorite Skate/Snowboarding blog!

Check out the video now!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Street League 2012 LIVE NOW

The riders have joined once again to reveal who deserves the big price, but now things got worldwide. The EU team is already on the park and the US skaters are giving the best of them as well. Additionally, now we are all invited to enjoy the show, yes that's right. The SL organization, supported by DC and Monster, provided a online webcast, so forget about your homework and settled down at your laptop.. the Street League is on, and you better watch it!

Enjoy every single detail of one of the most important competitions in the skateboarding world, and get involved at first person on everything that this contest means.

To be able to watch the SL live, you only have to get to the ST Facebook and "like" its page, or you could go directly to the ST official website, and sign in through you Facebook account.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Battle of the Berrics V: Final Results!

The Battle of the Berrics nowadays on its fifth version is more just that a simple S.K.A.T.E game, having made history on the street skateboarding competition. Now you have the pleasure to enjoy the final, where PJ Ladd and Mike mo Capaldi keep it clean and loud!
Check Descaro Skateboarding to watch the final!

PD: notice how many people are there

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Travis Rice: Lib Tech Pro Model out there!

This board is known to all lovers of the mountain as the perfect board for anyone who has a medium-high snowboard and likes to enjoy the mountain in all its versions. Regarding last year's model which is new to consider a new measure is 150 cm. than those who are lower and do not have many legs comes to hair as the 153 cm was the smallest measure of the year, which sometimes seems a little bit wide for kids or women.

As technology and materials is the same as last year. You know the best materials you can put a table in this price and manufacturing already famous by the best builders. In another design again TRAVIS RICE and MIKE PARILLO are exceeded, to me personally is that I like best of all created so far. Being aware that the LIB-TECH boards are not created by a group of designers, is a unique artist who takes care of it and it shows in their designs.

On the meantime, check out some Travis' footage on the Red Bull Signature Series:

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