Saturday, June 16, 2012

Street League 2012 LIVE NOW

The riders have joined once again to reveal who deserves the big price, but now things got worldwide. The EU team is already on the park and the US skaters are giving the best of them as well. Additionally, now we are all invited to enjoy the show, yes that's right. The SL organization, supported by DC and Monster, provided a online webcast, so forget about your homework and settled down at your laptop.. the Street League is on, and you better watch it!

Enjoy every single detail of one of the most important competitions in the skateboarding world, and get involved at first person on everything that this contest means.

To be able to watch the SL live, you only have to get to the ST Facebook and "like" its page, or you could go directly to the ST official website, and sign in through you Facebook account.



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