Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Travis Rice: Lib Tech Pro Model out there!

This board is known to all lovers of the mountain as the perfect board for anyone who has a medium-high snowboard and likes to enjoy the mountain in all its versions. Regarding last year's model which is new to consider a new measure is 150 cm. than those who are lower and do not have many legs comes to hair as the 153 cm was the smallest measure of the year, which sometimes seems a little bit wide for kids or women.

As technology and materials is the same as last year. You know the best materials you can put a table in this price and manufacturing already famous by the best builders. In another design again TRAVIS RICE and MIKE PARILLO are exceeded, to me personally is that I like best of all created so far. Being aware that the LIB-TECH boards are not created by a group of designers, is a unique artist who takes care of it and it shows in their designs.

On the meantime, check out some Travis' footage on the Red Bull Signature Series:


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