Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Asian X Games Madness

From April 28th to May 1th, another extreme sports encounter took place on the old continent, and as it has happened on its previous editions, a variety of extreme sport riders have joined together to demonstrate who is the best and who derserves to take glory back home. The event has been supported by KIA, and this sixth edition has been marked for the participation of riders from all around the globe. Establishing a previous stage for the American version, the main goal of the KIA Asian X Games is to select the elite of the scene according to the different diciplines, such as skateboarding, BMX, In-line Skateboarding and Moto X. The X Games, also known as the extreme sport olympics, has been growing throughout the years and it seems that it is acquiring more seriousness from part of the fans, turning it into a world wide competition.

Within the categories, the Mini Mega Ramp (the American reducted version), has provided one of the most exciting experiences, throwing up to the air riders such as Andy Mcdonald and Bob Burnquist. But the most amazing trick was performed by the new revelation of the sport, Tom Schaar, a 12 years old kid, who has broken the skaboarding history, and performed a perfect 1080ยบ on competion, trick that gave him the first place in no time.

The X Games have made history again, and it will definitely do it again the next summer, when the American version begins!


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