Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rob Dyrdek: DNA's brand new owner

The original Alien Work Shop rider, Rob Dyrdek, recently bought one of the most important and profitable companies around in the bussines, including AWS, Habitat and some other brands. the main objetive of Rob's latest purchase is to make over the company style, giving to the industry a new face, based on the new generation of skaters. Ten years ago, Dirdek was part of the AWS riding  team, and nowadays he is the out principal owner of the company. Dyrdek, also known for his countless appearances on TV and his facility to control the market media, is now one the biggest entrepreneur on the scene, and it has given to the skate market enourmous ammounts of incomes and profits.

By the other side, it's very important to keep in mind that's not everything about bussines, and never forget that is the sport and motivated skaters that give life to what we know nowadays as skateboarding. Although companies have supported the sport for decades, we are the essence of it.


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