Friday, April 27, 2012

Street League: The selection is on!

That it is, the crew is getting ready for the next episode of the most popular skateboarding competetion on the latest years. As it has been common, the Street League will count with skaters from different parts of the globe, mainly from sponsored American and European riders. According to the press, the jugde will be intagrated by a variety of pro riders, which some of them have already participated on the contest.  Among the new riders that have joined the Street League list we can find, Jimmy Carlin, Austyn Gillette, Tom Asta, Ishod Wair and Matt Miller. The selection will be divided on three different stages, these ones represented by the fans, the judges and some other pro riders. The opportunity to vote for the  riders is still on, and the process is taking place at the Street league webpage.

Among the favorite riders, Ishod Wair is the most popular one and the reasons are clear to everybody. Throughout last year, the Nike SB rider, won several competitions, and it have been ranked on the hot list of the new generation of pros. With only 20 years old, Wair is considered a break-through in the global skateboardin scene and it will definitely still providing progession to the sport. Big contests are the favorite of Ishod, fact that was proved with the first place given to him on the Maloof Money Cup in South Africa last year.

You better hurry up and choose for you favorite skater, remember, know you have to power to decide who is gonna be in the park this year next to Rob Dyrdek and his friends.


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