Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sean Black is Back on the team!

The american snowboard company Arbor Snowboards proudly re-joins on of their best snowboarders of all times, and the come back is now presented as the big bang that the company needed to go back on the road.

Among the characteristics that this brand posseses and diferentiate from other snowboarding companies, is the fact the Arbor Co is more like a family rather than a enterprise. This was the main reason why Sean Black, now settled on Salt Lake City, came back to the company and rejoices the luxuries that a professional snowboarder must taste and shred powder as much as he can.

Black is back, and he is here to stay. The Arbor Company will support him at any crazy decision he could possibly take, and that is the organic and objective, to develop as a pro rider on the accurate human environment, as well as the natural one. Based on ecological terms, the Arbor company has always been into the care of our natural world, presenting an alternative to regular snowboarding equipments at the moment of purchasing. Extreme sports are all related to the use of natural resources, consequently, we are the ones in charge to take care of them.


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