Monday, August 27, 2012

Skate and Girls: The Best Female Skaters

Sometimes people think that girls are only atractive by the outside, but I have to clarify that they are all wrong. There are lots of pro skatergirls out there, that this post won't be enough to show them all. For that reason, I prepared a little comp with the videos of the best women skateboarders of the world, from some old-school sucha as Elissa Steamer, to Leticia Bufoni, the current X Games Street Skateboarding gold medalist. After checking the pics you will realize how tough this girls can be, which ones sometimes can be way more motivated that even some male pro riders.

Elissa Steamer
Bs Crooked

Marisa Del Santo
Bs Lipslide

Alexis Sablone
Bs Five-O


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