Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thrasher Magazine: KING OF THE ROAD 2012 IS ON!

Yeah, believe it or not the Thrasher Magazine crew is back on the bussines, and as every year, they are about to bring us the best thing that they do, get gnarly! For  this 8th season of the Thrasher's journey across the States, the crew will be conformed with the sickest skaters out there, obviously with the company of the charismatic big boss "Phelps". If you never have seen Trasher's King of the Road before, be prepare to a whole new experience based on beers, chicks and skateboarding, and if you are already a fan of this badass crew, just open yours beers and lay down. The Thraseher's tour is due start the following September 7th, on the mean time, check out the trailer and enjoy!


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